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Thank you for visiting us - we are here to make sure your learning to drive experience is as good as it possibly can be. We believe that you are the most important element of this experience followed by the instructor, and that's where we can help.

Our specially trained team of expert instructors will base their style of teaching on your style of learning to ensure that you maximise your progress to becoming a great driver.  You will be taught in a modern, high quality vehicle, currently we offer Mercedes and Minis.  This modern vehicle fleet ensures that you will be familiar with the latest vehicle technology.

Driving Lesson Prices

Our team of driving instructors set their prices individually based on their first time pass rate, experience and additional qualifications. As a driving school our recommended retail price is £30p/h reflecting the high quality and outstanding value our instructor team offers to their customers.

To find your nearest Driving Unlimited instructor visit our find an instructor page and simply enter your Post Code or call 0333 360 1058 to speak to a member of our team.

Our Learning-to-Drive Curriculum

Learning to drive will be one of the most satisfying and challenging things you will ever do. At first it seems deceptively simple. Then the complexities start to unfold as you begin to discover the many physical, perceptual and mental demands involved.

To build your skills every lesson and maximise the time you spend driving and gaining quality experience, we have developed four modules within our curriculum.

1. Basic Vehicle Control

2. Simple Traffic Situations

3. Complex Traffic Situations

4. Responsible Driving

At the end of each module you will complete a practical driving assessment with your driving instructor, similar to a mock driving test and receive clear written feedback on your performance. With a Certificate of Achievement awarded for each module you will always know where you are in the process of learning to drive and your progress towards passing your driving test first time.

After completing module 2 get up to 50% discount on Drive On Have Fun - a safe driving App to prevent driving distractions

Other Driver Training Products

Over 25's learning to drive curriculum

Many people are choosing to start driving later allowing more time for study, work, family and social life in their late teens and early twenties. Learn about why we have driving lessons specifically designed for the over 25's.

Pass Plus

Are you looking to gain greater experience with your driving now that you have passed your driving test? The Driving Unlimited Pass Plus Course incorporates the DVSA Pass Plus syllabus plus understanding new driver risk and how to use insurance telematics to help reduce your premiums. 

Motorway Driving Course

Gain confidence, knowledge and skills on the motorway with the Driving Unlimited Motorway Driving Lesson Course.

Refresher Driving Lessons

Have you had a break from driving? Our team of expert driving instructors can help you with providing Driving Unlimited Refresher Driving Lessons customised for your needs.

Extended Driving Test

Gain the skills, knowledge and support you need to prepare and pass an extended driving test. Our Driving Unlimited Extended Test Driver Training and test day package is designed to help you with regaining your driving licence.

Parental Ride-alongs

Driving Unlimited actively promotes parental ride-alongs, so please talk to your child's driving instructor about joining a driving lesson. Whether to pick up helpful tips and advice for private practice or to understand how to positively influence safer driving beyond the driving test, ride-alongs are a great benefit within the learning-to-drive process. You can even benefit from our parental ride-along worksheet.

Our Instructor Team

We are extremely proud of our team of driving instructors and the work they do every day with people just like you, helping them achieve their goals, pass their driving tests and become safer, more confident drivers.

Each instructor has been specially selected, receives ongoing training and has their performance checked to ensure they maintain the high standards that we expect. All of our instructors have higher first time pass rates compared to the driving test centre averages. Find out your local instructor's pass rate by visiting our find an instructor page and simply entering your Post Code or call 0333 360 1058 to speak to a member of your team.