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Do you have the ambition to become an outstanding driving instructor?


Become a driving instructor with Driving Unlimited


Have the freedom, independence and a healthy income as a driving instructor when you complete your driving instructor training with us and start to work as a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).  At Driving Unlimited we know what it takes to train driving instructors capable of working at the top of the industry, making a difference to people's lives and receiving some of the best rates of pay available in return. 


  • Our pay-as-you-learn training rates allow you to pay separately for each stage of the DVSA three-part qualification process
  • Our driving instructor training team work for us. Your training is not sub-contracted out to other driving schools/instructors
  • With a mixture of online, home learning, in-car and classroom training you can choose the best blend of ADI training to suit your needs


Start your instructor training with Driving Unlimited and gain the ability to successfully pass the DVSA Approved Driving Instructor qualifying exams and have a great career as an outstanding driving instructor.


Learn more about the DVSA Three Part Test for Driving Instructors


Being a great, professional driving instructor is not only about teaching people the basics of operating a car or following traffic rules, it’s about
understanding what keeps individuals safe in their vehicles and helping them to manage their behaviour and their individual decisions to
help protect themselves, others and the environment.


As a minimum qualification to become a driving instructor you must meet the requirements to be entered on the ADI Register and pass all three of the DVSA qualifying tests:

ADI Part One - theory test

ADI part two - driving ability test

ADI part three - teaching ability test


Start your training with Driving Unlimited and discover that you can be an outstanding driving instructor capable of much more than only the minimum. Benefiting you, your business and your future customers.


Pre-course entrance assessments

Are we the right driving instructor training provider for you?

Are you the right driving instructor trainee for us?


Train to be a driving instructor with Driving Unlimited


At Driving Unlimited we care about ensuring that our new driving instructor trainees have the potential to successfully qualify as an Approved Driving Instructor. With a limited number of training places available and a demanding course load we want to ensure that you are right for training with us, just as much as you want to ensure we are right for you.


In the year April 2015 to April 2016 almost 7000 people across the UK started to train as driving instructors. In the same time period, only just over 1300 people registered as a new Approved Driving Instructor. That's less than 20%!


For this reason, we have both a written and a practical entrance assessment for our instructor training course. This is unusual within the UK system of driving instructor training which has no compulsory requirement for any pre-entrance skills or knowledge assessment to be carried out.


The purpose of our pre-course assessment process is to determine:

  • your current level of knowledge and skills
  • your potential to be coached
  • your openness to feedback
  • your level of confidence



Apply today and find out more about becoming a Driving Unlimited Instructor Trainee:

ADI Training Starter Pack


To apply for our driving instructor training, please complete your information below and a member of our team will be in touch to provide you with our Driving Instructor Trainee Starter Pack, which includes information on our training course, the ADI qualification process, our entrance assessments and a free Highway Code.

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