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Driving Instructor Income

As a Self-Employed Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) you are your biggest asset in achieving a higher income.


For you to be a successful driving instructor whether you choose to work as an independent driving instructor or a franchised driving instructor you will need to:

  •  Find out how to attract and retain the right customers for your business
  • Deliver outstanding customer experiences that will see you recommended time and time again
  • Manage your business by selecting the right training, support and resources


For the right driving instructor trainees, Driving Unlimited can provide training, business support services and great resources to support your driving school business.


Driving Instructor Salary


Driving Instructor Income


£18,000 to £30,000 average per year (source: National Career Service)

As a self-employed individual, your earnings are your income, minus your expenses. At Driving Unlimited we train our instructors to a standard where they can be confident in setting lesson prices around £30 per hour, even in a marketplace where others are charging as little as £18 per hour.


Salary forecasts for driving instructors from the National Career Service

New driving instructor: £18,000 to £20,000

Experienced driving instructor: £25,000

Highly experienced driving instructor: £30,000 or more


Driving Instructor working hours, patterns and environment


Driving instructor working hours


You can set your own hours, but should be prepared to work evening and weekends; when your customers are available.

You will spend most of your time in-car but you will need to spend some time managing your business outside of the time you spend in car.

Geographically you may need to be prepared to cover a larger area to maintain a satisfactory level of business, however as you become more established you should look to reduce this coverage and only focus on areas that give you the greatest opportunity for minimising costs.

It is important to focus on efficiency as early as possible within your business as this will affect your earnings. You may also wish to think about specialising in specific areas of driver training or develop a broader base of skills enabling you to obtain a variety of work from different sources.



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