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Returning To Work: Consider Becoming A Driving Instructor

Returning to work after years of bringing up children isn't easy, but it can be a massive confidence boost. In the past few years, finding any kind of employment has been tough for many people. But for mums returning to work after a career break, the challenge can seem almost insurmountable.

Choosing to train and become a driving instructor could be the key to finding a great part-time or full-time role that has the flexibility to work around family life, keep you within the local area (for those unexpected family emergencies) and deliver a great return on investment making perfect use of the family vehicle.

For the right people, training to become a driving instructor can be a great opportunity for returning to work, building a successful business and regaining your confidence. Learn more about how to become a successful driving instructor with our free guide

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider training to become a driving instructor.


Flexible Working Hours

As a self-employed driving instructor, you can choose the hours you wish to make yourself available for driving lessons. Within the marketplace there is a growing number of people who are choosing to wait until after leaving college or university before they learn to drive. It is possible to focus on building a client base that fits into the school day allowing you the opportunity to still be available for the family and have your own independence.

If you choose to work a weekend day, it doesn't have to be a full day. Many driving instructors choose only to complete a half-day. However, for a more guaranteed full day without having to worry about weekend traffic, you could choose to work with a local under 17 driving experience centre, popular at large shopping centres.

For added customer service and to ensure you don't suddenly end up with a test booking at 8.30 in the morning, we recommend that you book your student's driving test on their behalf, which can be Monday to Friday (weekend tests are available but less frequent) at the time that suits you.


Work In The Local Area

It can vary from area to area, but typically a driving instructor will work within a maximum drive of 30 minutes from their home. To gain maximum productivity you will want to keep travelling distances to a minimum. The best driving instructors will know their local areas extremely well, allowing them to choose great training routes to help their students develop. You may need to conduct a few lessons further away from home, for example a post-test course or a Driving Unlimited half-day motorway course will mean that you break free of the local residential streets.

Even if you have a few local driving test centres, we recommend choosing to maximise the use of just one or maybe two as this will help you build familiarity with the examiners and any challenges within the test routes.


Maximise The Use Of Your Family Vehicle

There are advantages to learning to drive in a typical family sized car, like one that your potential customers may purchase or find themselves driving after you help them gain their driving licence. Matching your training vehicle in size and technology will mean driving lessons have the additional benefit of post-test similarity and will also help give confidence to your students if there is opportunity for additional private practice in their own vehicle.

Of course, another advantage of having your own driving instructor business is that you could benefit from having a new modern vehicle that is yours to use for both business and personal use. We recommend talking to Dee at CA Cars for clear advice and expertise on different vehicle options.


Your Network Of Potential Customers

Family, friends, former colleagues, not to mention online social networks all could provide you with a steady source of customers. The key to your business success will be to generate a great referral business. This can be achieved by offering an outstanding service and excellent experience, all of which can be developed and nurtured from your initial driving instructor training and beyond.

We recommend ensuring you choose the very best driving instructor training course that will provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to enter the market place at the top end of price.


Adapt To Changes Within Your Family Life

Your role as a driving instructor provides you with the opportunity to increase or decrease your availability as your family life changes. As children change schools or become more independent you may want to increase your availability. Saving for a special family holiday? A small increase of 2-3 hours each week could provide you with additional revenue of over £4000 per year.

A driving instructor is also a great option for a second job and will help ensure the demand for your services is met. Perhaps something for your partner to consider as well in the future...


For the right people, training to become a driving instructor can be a great opportunity for returning to work, building a successful business and regaining your confidence. Learn more about becoming a successful driving instructor with our free guide or to find out more about training with Driving Unlimited visit our instructor training pages.