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Pass Plus Driving Lessons

In a survey of newly qualified drivers 35% of 1000 young drivers aged 17-25 years who were interviewed felt 'partly prepared' to take to the roads on their own after passing their driving test - and 1% didn't feel at all prepared.*

Pass Plus Course with Driving Unlimited

The official Pass Plus practical driving course is at least 6 hours and designed to be taken by new drivers who have recently passed their practical driving test.

The official DVSA Pass Plus syllabus consists of six separate training modules covering:

  • town driving
  • all-weather driving
  • driving out of town
  • night driving
  • driving on dual carriageways
  • driving on motorways

To book your Pass Plus Course call us today on 0203 290 0558 and talk to one of the team or complete your contact details and we will get in touch.


In addition to the standard course Driving Unlimited include:

Introduction to telematics – learn how to improve your telematics (black box) driving scores

Telematics score

More and more insurance companies are using telematics (black boxes) to monitor their customers driving. The systems in use are a very positive step in terms of reducing young driver risk. Gain hints and tips on how to drive in a defensive, smooth and consistent manner to ensure you are gaining the scores you deserve.


New driver risk scenarios – managing peer pressure, speed choices, fatigue and distraction

GDE Worksheets

During driving lessons it is likely the focus (no matter how well intended) was focused on passing the driving test. Now as a novice driver it is important to be able to reflect on your driving during different, typcial journeys.


Pass Plus Certificate and Insurance Discounts

You won’t need to take a test at the end of the Pass Plus training but you’ll be assessed throughout the course. To pass you’ll need to reach the required standards in each module.

On passing your Pass Plus course you will be rewarded a Pass Plus Certificate by the DVSA and may be able to apply for a discount on your car insurance (however not many insurance companies do now offer the discount - which is why we have enhanced our course to include telematics driving).

Adrian Flux Insurance advertise up to 25% discount for younger drivers who have completed Pass Plus - please mention Driving Unlimited when making an enquiry.

Coop Insurance advertise an introductory discount of 40% that may be available for a Pass Plus course taken within 3 months of taking out your insurance policy.

To discover a range of other insurance companies that do great deals for learner and new drivers visit the Driving Unlimited Facebook page as we regulary update it with the some of the best offers avaliable.


Pass Plus Price

£185 (6-hour course)
£30 per additional hour (if required)


To book your Pass Plus Course call us today on 0203 290 0558 and talk to one of the team or complete your contact details and we will get in touch.


*Young people in the driving seat, Co-op Insurance, April 2016