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Learner Driver Insurance

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) research shows that those who pass their driving test have had, on average, about 45 hours of professional training combined with 22 hours of private practice. International research tells us that 120 hours of driving practice (a combination of professional lessons and private practice) can reduce a new driver's crash risk by around 40%.

The benefits of private practice, as well as improving your chances of passing your driving test first time and saving money are:

  • The basic skills learned in driving lessons can be practised, developed and reinforced.
  • The learner driver is exposed to a much wider variety of trips, traffic densities, road types and weather/light conditions.
  • Driving itself becomes a much more 'normal' daily task, instead of an exciting - and potentially risky - leisure pursuit.


One of the greatest barriers to gaining private practice can be insurance. There are a number of insurance providers that provide insurance cover for learner drivers.


National Learner Driver Insurance

Get the private practice you need, without putting a car owners No Claims Bonus at risk.

Learner driver insurance is fully comprehensive short term insurance policy in the leaner's name. This allows the learner to gain valuable private practice in between driving lessons in a family member's or friend's car. You don't need to be the car owner to supervise the learner, anyone who has held a full UK driving licence for 3 years or more, been a UK resident for over two years and is aged 25 or over can supervise the leaner during their private practice. Should the learner be involved in a fault accident, the car owners bonus isn't affected as it's the leaner's policy that is in force.

To get a quote and buy a policy visit www.nldinsurance.com using instructor NLDI code: drivingunlimited007


Driving Unlimited recommend students combine driving lessons with private practice whenever possible and provide within our learner driver curriculum the opportunity to gain insight and support with supervising a learner driver through our driving lesson progress reviews. To find out more about learning to drive with Driving Unlimited call 0333 360 1058.