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Extended Driving Test

Courts have the power, for some of the more serious driving offences, to order disqualification until extended driving test is passed. These offences include motor manslaughter, causing death by dangerous driving and dangerous driving.

The extended driving test is longer and more rigorous than the normal 'L' test. It therefore provides scope for the driver to be tested in a greater variety of road and traffic conditions.


Extended Driving Test Training

Within the extended driving test normal assessment should be applied by the driving examiner. However, examiners are mindful that driving test candidates are likely to have considerable experience, prior to their mandatory disqualification. Therefore, when you are preparing for your extended driving test it is important to choose a driving instructor and training course that doesn't treat you like a learner driver.

Driving Unlimited are able to offer a half day (4-hours) extended driving test preparation course:

  • initial assessment and consultation
  • driver skills and knowledge development
  • skills transfer analysis - applying safer driving principles to everyday driving
  • example mock extended driving test

Price: £160


Extended Driving Test Day Package

 The procedure for conducting extended driving tests is the same as for any other driving test with the following exceptions:

  • The test will take approximately 70 minutes
  • The test will be conducted on a variety of roads including those where the national speed limit applies
  • The emergency stop exercise will be carried out

The Driving Unlimited Extended Driving Test Day Package includes; home/office pick up, documents check, warm-up drive, accompanying to driving test centre, extended driving test observation (optional), present at debrief (optional), further interpretation/analysis if required, home/office drop off.

Note: Driving Unlimited vehicles are branded with removable magnetics, helping to reduce the feeling of returning to driving school and learner driving lessons.

Price: £120


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