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Driving Lessons For The Over 25's

Did you know that age is a significant factor in new driver crash risk? Road traffic accidents consistently show a significant over-representation for young, novice and particularly male drivers. Typically age related risk factors reduce around the age of 25, which if you look at the car insurance industry is the time at which you can expect to benefit from lower car insurance premiums.

Therefore, doesn't it make sense that you would follow a different learning to drive course than a 17 year old?


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Driving Unlimited - Over 25 Learning to Drive Curriculum


Structured Learning

For under 25's learning to drive we recommend spacing driving lessons out over a 9-12- month period allowing time for additional private practice, greater exposure to different light and weather conditions, and allowing our instructors to revisit high risk scenarios such a peer-pressure, impairment and distractions. For over 25's however our recommendation is:

  • Complete your driving lessons over a 12-week period*
  • Take two 90-minute driving lessons per week*

*subject to any previous experience and personal progress

To help prepare you for this shorter duration of training we will look to ensure your local driving test centre waiting times can accommodate your requirements. We also provide you with a log book to record your progress and keep track of you lessons and support you with learning the theory and hazard perception with free access to our on-line learning suite. If you have access to another vehicle we can help with private practice and even provide a free ride along for your supervising driver.


Preparing for Driving Beyond the Driving Test

Learning to simply pass the driving test doesn't necessarily mean you will be confident with driving in all situations. Therefore, as part of the normal course of your driving lessons your Driving Unlimited instructor will discuss with you subjects such as:

  • driving with young children
  • commuting and driving for work
  • the effects of fatigue
  • driving distractions

Our driving instructors have all received training to ensure subjects are covered in a positive and proactive way, as we know simply telling somebody what they should do is neither helpful nor an effective way to teach.


The Driving Unlimited Instructors

The driving instructors at Driving Unlimited have all received training beyond the minimum that is required to become a driving instructor. Every day in their driving lessons they take value in the previous knowledge and experience of their learner drivers and coach rather than just instruct. Many of our instructors also work within company vehicle driver training or corporate experience training and are accustomed to be teaching across a broader age range compared to a traditional driving instructor.


Our Fleet of Training Vehicles

The fleet of vehicles used by the driving instructors of Driving Unlimited include the latest models of Mercedes-Benz and BMW Mini. With both manual and automatic transmission available you can be confident learning to drive in a vehicle that is perhaps a closer match to your next vehicle rather than a low powered traditional learner driver car.


Search for your local driving instructor with our post code search facility or contact us to discuss your requirements and find answers for your questions.

You may also wish to download our guide 'From Learner to Solo Driver' which provides information about learning to drive and the driving tests.