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Driving Lesson Progress Reviews

It is not uncommon for parents to have very little knowledge of what happens in their child's driving lesson each week. The assumption is that your child is progressing well towards taking their driving test, but then as time goes on and money is spent you may discover that progress has not been made as much as you may have expected. If only you had known earlier.

During their driving lessons your child will learn how to control the vehicle, then they will start to experience potentially hazardous situations as they learn safety routines to help them deal with these hazards. The number of driving lessons and the amount of time spent learning to drive varies from person to person, but what is important is that progress is properly recorded and monitored so that the goal of becoming a safe driver and passing the driving test can be achieved.

Free 30-minute Progress Reviews

Throughout your child's course of driving lessons, your Driving Unlimited driving instructor will provide you with up to four free 30-minute progress reviews*. How each review is delivered is up to you, they can be in-car with a top up on your child's normal driving lesson, over a coffee or simply on the phone.

The Driving Unlimited learning-to-drive curriculum is divided into four modules and after the completion of each module is a perfect time to schedule a review with your child's driving instructor.

  • review progress towards the driving test
  • ask questions
  • learn about Driving Unlimited's curriculum
  • prepare for starting private practice sessions
  • understand your child's strengths and weaknesses
  • be confident in your child's ability to pass their driving test


If you would like to find out more about learning to drive with Driving Unlimited, search for your local driving instructor, call 0203 290 0558 to talk to one of our team or contact us and request a call back.




*subject to availablity