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Drive On Have Fun

Mobile phones are the most common cause of distraction related incidents on our roads.

The number of motorists using mobile phones to make calls, sending texts and receiving social media updates whilst driving has risen and distracted driving is expected to be the biggest single cause of death and injuries on our roads when figures are released later this year.


Driving Unlimited is the first driving school in the UK to introduce Drive On Have Fun to all of our learner drivers.

Drive On Have Fun is a safe driving App to prevent distraction.

The App has two parts to it and each is installed on different mobile devices.

The 'driver' aspect of the App limits the functionality of the phone whilst in a moving vehicle. It works by detecting significant movement and then automatically places the device into 'safe mode' restricting text messages and notifications until a journey has been completed.

While driving the App then monitors the 'driver' and rewards safe driving. Insurance companies reward safe drivers with lower premiums.

The 'guardian' App is installed on the parent/guardian device and monitors the driver's progress. The guardian will receive notifications when the driver fails to keep within given parameters, such as speed restrictions, being out at unexpected times, entering or exiting pre-defined zones or switching the App off.


Save up to 50% on Drive On Have Fun with Driving Unlimited

Driving Unlimited believe young drivers should learn good mobile phone related driving behaviour from the outset when they learn to drive. Our learner driver curriculum has always included parental engagement and specific sessions on distracted driving.

Now students at Driving Unlimited will be able to start earning points after installing the Drive On Have Fun app and bring their mobile phone to their driving lessons and learn how the system works and the benefits of having a preventative distraction App.

Search for your local Driving Unlimited driving instructor and start your driving lessons following our learning-to-drive curriculum and when you successfully complete your second module - simple traffic situations you will be offered the opportunity to purchase Drive On Have Fun with up to a 50% Discount.


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